New AR project

I am currently involved in development of very cool AR project, coming soon. Till then, you can check out some of the AR prototypes in "Prototypes" section


The Typotastic APP is a 5 star rated iOS app, it magically turns your words into outstanding 3D videos. Create 4 second video loops or still images with 3D fonts and FX that normally take hours and 3D skills with just one tap.

MIGHTY VIKINGS : THE BLIGHT OF SKARNOLF a fantasy Viking action rpg that uses Norse themes and artefacts as gameplay elements, with some cool and over the top characters, but not taking itself too seriously. Just a fun dungeon crawler with a driving narrative and a big world to explore.


Mini version of working CNC prototype that uses two stepper motors and one servo motor. It has control software on PC that reads SVG files and then proceeds to calculate path of all motors and sends that to Arduino over USB.

Arena Game a MOBA styled game that takes interesting turn in the monotone gameplay mechanics, it features new styles of playing and critical thinking.


Did a three months internship at Fancy Turnip, game making studio located in Los Angeles.

BOMP a small mobile game published for both Android and iOS, I worked in free time with one of the most awesome programmers I know, Ayman Horani and couple of other amazing people.

iOS  Android


Publised my first asset to Unity's official AssetStore page which makes easier usage of EditorGUILayout, reduntant things are lost and code is made much more viewable.

Asset Store